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FOREX TRADING DEPENDS ON Trader's PERSONALITY. We are blessed to do it for the last 9 years and now serving as Mentoring, Trading and managing capital, investing, creating the best Trading TOOLS to enhance trader’s performance, job creation, psychological transformation, and development of traders as better Human beings. JOIN US IN OUR ONE-UNIT ECOSYSTEM FOR A BETTER FINANCIALLY EDUCATED COMMUNITY.

I welcome you here. DR.IMRAN LATIF is a professional Forex trader for the last 9 years.  As we BELIEVE that we now live in the INFORMATION AGE where EXCELLENCE in your Work can only be achieved through the ART of Compiling Financial Knowledge into MONEY. So DR.IMRAN created CMS (capital management system) which is very easy to incorporate with any type of  Forex Manual Trading style and even with complex Forex Auto Trading Strategies. It surely Needs every Forex Pro and Beginner Trader for their Trading performance Enhancement.